All the goodness and taste is in the raw ingredients already. Why dress it up in anything unnatural?

Our Story

“We make tasty, good, honest food that’s raw and uncomplicated, unadulterated and fair… Naked.”
“We want to make eating naked the norm, where it’s more than a term, but a way of life.”

We promote good, healthy eating habits. Why? Because we want it to be easy and enjoyable for you to eat consciously. Conscious of what your put into your body. Conscious of where it comes from. Conscious of how it was made.

At Eat Naked, we source superior, authentic ingredients that are good for you, good for the planet, and good for the local communities that produce them.

We make tasty, honest food that’s raw, uncomplicated, unadulterated and, well, nude.

In short, we’re about straight-up goodness that has nothing to hide.



African Honey Bee

African Honey Bee (AHB) is a network of local micro-beekeeping businesses that produce superior raw, non-irradiated, unadulterated honey of unrivalled taste. Currently, AHB sustains more than 230 micro beekeeping businesses in South Africa’s rural communities.

The purity of the honey, not just in quality but positive socio-economic and environmental impact, makes it one of the purest on the shelf.

African Honey Bee & Eat Naked – Friends with Beenafits

The Eat Naked and African Honey Bee partnership ensures our honey products are always of the highest quality; raw (naked as the day it was extracted) and made in local food grade facilities.

All this means that every spoonful you enjoy supports South African beekeepers and rural agricultural communities.

And that’s the naked truth.



Creamed and Raw Honey
Natural Peanut Butter
Macadamia Nut Butter

Good for you

Better Sweet

Satisfy that sweet tooth the wholesome way with Eat Naked Honey. Packed full of nutrients, it’s nothing but guiltless sweetness. Pretty sweet huh?

No Preservatives

We leave our food nude. Super nude. No added sugar. No artificial anything. Just all natural, all pure goodness. AKA Naked.

All Goodness

Good things come in threes. Which is why every Eat Naked product is good for you, good for the community and good for the birds and the bees (i.e. the environment). We call it a win win win.

Meet The Makers



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Eat Naked products?

Eat Naked is available at Dis-Chem stores throughout Southern Africa.

Do I need to refrigerate Eat Naked products?

Nope, you do not need to refrigerate after opening. We recommend storing our products at room temperature so they are easier to spread.

How long do I have to consume Eat Naked nut butters once opening them?

While we seriously doubt our nut butters will spoil before you’ve licked the tube clean, as with any product made without artificial preservatives, we recommend eating our nut butters within a reasonable time period after opening (within three months).

Will there be slight variation of colour and flavour from batch to batch of each respective Eat Naked product?

Yes, Eat Naked products are all natural, made from raw ingredients and use minimal processing, therefore may vary in certain aspects from time to time.

Will the consistency and runninness of Eat Naked Honey vary from season to season and batch to batch?

Yes, every batch is one of a kind and will vary slightly, as will all raw honeys. Consider it nature’s mark of quality.

What do I do if my honey has crystallized (hardened)?

If set, don’t fret. Make sure the cap/lid is on tightly and place product in warm water (no more than 35 degrees Celsius) to dissolve crystals and retain goodness.

Will Eat Naked Nut Butters separate and require shaking before use?

Yes, due to the nature of the raw ingredients used to make our nut butters, some oil separation may occur. Please shake the tube before each use.

Is Eat Naked product packaging recyclable?

Yes (and 100% lickable). Please take note of the specific material type indicated by the recycle logo on the respective product packaging.

Is your honey badger friendly?

Yes, our honey and beekeeping methods are truly badger friendly. Not to mention tummy friendly.

Why should I buy raw, local honey?

Raw honey hasn’t been processed and ultra-filtered to give it that ‘clear, golden’ appearance, and contains all of its natural goodness. By buying raw, local honey, you’re not only ensuring a superior product, but you’re supporting your local beekeepers and having a positive effect on the local environment.

What’s all this about eating naked?

We believe food should be simple. All the taste and goodness are in the raw ingredients. Why dress it up with anything unnatural? That’s why we provide natural and unadulterated foods that are superior in quality, community uplifting and always delicious. Let’s strip back to the raw and naked way.

“Sourcing the finest products from farms across the country.”

Where to find us

Get your Eat Naked™ products from Dis-Chem stores nationwide:

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Cape Quarter Spar – 021 418 0360

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Spar Groblersdal – 013 262 4826

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County Meat Fourways –  011 465 0664

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